Providing well site services and lab based services to the oil and gas industry

Wellsite Paleontology

World-class team
Wellsite Consulting Services
Wellsite Rock Laboratories
Lab-based services
Ellington & Associates, Inc. is the leader in providing contract and well site paleontologists to the oil and gas industry

Wellsite Geochemical Analysis

State-of-the-art XRF elemental analysis
LECO Sulfur
Ellington & Associates, Inc. has provided the oil and gas industry with high quality and timely geochemical services.

Geological Services

X-Ray Diffraction / XRD Analysis
Sand Fraction
Mineralogical services to clients in the oil and gas industry, geological, mining and processing.

Contract Services

Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) experts
Pore pressure specialists

Mud Logging Quality Control

Ellington & Associates, Inc. offers our services as a third party quality control analyst of the mud logging operations.

Archiving and Storage

Reliable and efficient pick-up and shipping
Detailed inventory listing
Environmentally friendly
As one of the largest processors of cuttings and cores, Ellington & Associates, Inc. is well suited to prepare your samples for long-term storage.

Ask us about our new Palynology Processing and Analysis. Email us to learn more!

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Archiving & Storage

Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Analysis
Mud Logging Quality Control
Rock Property Characterization
Sample Management
Total Organic Carbon (TOC-LECO) Analysis
Complete Pyrolosis RockEval Services

Well Site Services
Geology and Mineralogy
Mineral Analysis from X-Ray Diffraction (XRD)
Wellsite Consulting
Wellsite Rock Laboratory
XRD Services
XRF Analysis Services

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