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Just as a proper wellsite sample collection program will allow the most complete analysis of your samples, proper sample management will ensure the integrity of each and every sample. At Ellington & Associates, Inc., the sample management process begins with the design of a proper sampling scheme and continues through the final archiving of your samples with full and complete documentation of each step along the way.

We have the knowledge and experience to be closely involved in each step of the sample life-cycle: with mud logging companies to design thorough sampling procedures, transportation companies with first-rate reliability andArchiving samples safety records, in-house sample washing and preparation, and sample archiving and storage with respected facilities or in-house.

Whether our sample management services are utilized en masse or ala carte, we will develop a system that closely matches a client's needs and budget. Let Ellington & Associates, Inc. be your singular source for all sample management issues.

Contact Ellington and Associates, Inc. today for more information about sample management services 713-956-2838.


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