XRD Services-XRD Analysis

XRD Analysis

Mineral Analysis from X-ray Diffraction (XRD)Multiple, portable Bruker D2 phaser units for well-site analysis

Ellington's mineralogy team supplies clients with mineralogy services making use of XRD, FTIR, SEM, and optical mineralogy.

Ellington’s X-Ray Diffraction Services

XRD Instruments

  • Multiple Bruker D4 high-throughput X-Ray diffractometers in the office
  • Multiple, portable Bruker D2 phaser units for well-site analysis
  • Ultra-portable Olympus Terra unit, can analyze less than 1 gram of sample

Scientists/XRD Interpretation Services Team

  • XRD interpretation team consists of scientists in Houston, Aberdeen, and Shanghai

XRD Results Timetables

  • Around-the-clock analysis capabilities
  • Premier Hot Shot XRD lab analysis for rapid results
  • Near real-time bulk sample mineral quantification with well-site units
  • Flexibility to choose bulk sample or bulk-and-clay quantitative XRD analysis   

Mineral Analysis from X-Ray Diffraction (XRD)Ultra-portable Olympus Terra unit, can analyze less than 1 gram of sample

  • Bruker D4-Endeavor with LynxEye Detector
  • Jade software for advanced interpretation
  • Bulk and Bulk + Clay analysis available
  • Produce mineral log curves
  • Kübler Index (illite) for thermal maturation

Provenance & clay diagenesis:

  • Feldspar type and relative abundance
  • Carbonate abundance
  • Polytypes of illite/mica
  • Expandability of inter-stratified illite/smectite

Well completions & pipelines:

  • Recognize pore-throat plugging derivatives of zeolite minerals and Fe-rich carbonates
  • Locate siderite, pyrite, and other problematic scale-producing minerals


  • Identify producing zones in formations where chlorite suppresses resistivity
  • Unmask reservoir quality sands where K-feldspar content produces high gamma-ray readings similar to adjacent shales
  • Improve porosity evaluation with formation-specific grain density
  • Calculate relative brittleness from mineralogy

Houston XRD Services

Contact Ellington & Associates, Inc. today for more information about XRD Services: Doug Kneis:  713-956-2838 or email: dougk@ellingtongeologic.com

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